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Antonija Šola has received numerous audience and professional awards for her work as an author and singer-songwriter, and is a recognized and established singer and author in Croatia, as well as in the entire region.

Some of her successful collaborations: the song “Veži me za sebe”, for which she wrote the lyrics, and which was performed by Toše Proeski, won the Grand Prix at the Croatian Radio Festival in 2007.
In 2005, Antonija won the hearts of the audience at Zadarfest as the author of the song “Plovila mala barka”, performed by Marina Tomašević and Vinko Coce.
In 2007. for the first time as a performer, Antonija won the 1st judges award for the interpretation of the composition “Zovem da ti čujem glas” at the international festival Pesem poletja in Slovenia.

She is the author of songs that can be found on different artists’ albums, such as that of Zdravko Čolić, Toše Proeski, Nina Badrić, Crvena Jabuka, Oliver Dragojević, Željko Bebek, Tatjana Matejaš Tajči, Mladen Grdović, Mate Bulić, Vinko Coce, klapa Lanterna, Toni Cetinski, Emilija Kokić, Gazde, Danijela Martinović, Maja Šuput, Alen Vitasović, Petar Dragojević, Tijana Dapčević, Lepa Brena, grupa Regina, Tijana Dapčević, and many others.

Antonija Šola and Toše Proeski participated in a large educational campaign “Volim osmijeh tvoj”, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health. The duet they sang sold a record number of 20,000 copies in just one month.

For this success, Antonija and Toše received a platinum award.

Antonija also wrote the lyrics of the megahit “Srce nije kamen” that was officially declared the most played song of 2006 by all radio stations in the entire Republic of Croatia, and by ZAMP (music copyright service of the Croatian Composers' Society). The same composition was also the theme song of the soap opera Zabranjena ljubav for three seasons.

Antonija stands out for promoting solidarity in the society and has a degree in Sociology and Croatology.

She has also received a certificate of appreciation from the Terry Fox association under the auspices of the Canadian Embassy in Zagreb, and other valuable recognitions, such as those by the humanitarian association “DUH” and the “RTL helps children” association by RTL Television, the “Hrabro dijete” association and the “MI” association.
Antonija’s first album Anđele, published by Dallas records, was crowned with a platinum award.
After successful participation at the Croatian Eurovision Song Contest, “Dora 2008”, and the 2nd place award, Antonija successfully continued with her guest appearances at festivals. She won the 1st radio station listeners’ prize and the 1st readers’ prize of the newspaper “24sata” at the Croatian Radio Festival in Opatija with the composition “Nebu pod oblak”. She also performed at the Split Festival with the composition “Mrva jubavi” and at the festival Sunčane Skale 2008 in Herceg Novi with the composition “Stradam”. On August 24, 2008, Antonija performed at the Ohrid Fest festival in Macedonia and achieved her first festival victory and Grand Prix – the 1st audience award and the 2nd judges award.

Antonija Šola’s second album, named after the successful single “Gdje je srce tu je dom”, was released in 2008. In February 2009, Antonija received another award for her work: according to 15 TV stations in the Republic of Macedonia, the video “Volim osmijeh tvoj” was declared the most watched video in 2008, and Antonija received a special award as the lyricist of the mentioned composition, at the award ceremony in Bitola under the auspices of Tv Orbis. For the song “Ko lane ranjena”, she received the audience award at the festival in Mostar in 2009. In 2012, she won an award by the magazine “Gloria” for the best song at the CMC music festival in Vodice, with the song “Lagat ću”.

As an active regular member of the Croatian Composers’ Society, ZAMP, and a member of the Croatian Musicians Union (HGU) and the Croatian Performers’ Rights Collecting Society (HUZIP), due to her support of various actions for the protection of authors, performers’ rights and copyrights, in 2010 she became an ambassador of the Croatian Composers’ Society, ZAMP, and advocated in the campaigns “Stop pirati” and “Glas autora” for the protection of authors and their rights.
Antonija’s song “Milijun poljubaca” was declared the most played song in 2009.

In addition to writing lyrics, Antonija also composes music, and she was accepted as a regular member of the Croatian Composers’ Society in 2010.

In 2009, she released a children’s album called Zemlja sreće, which was nominated for the Porin award in the same year, and she held a concert at the Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski for her youngest audience. According to market research, she is the most popular performer and children’s favorite singer.
In 2013 she released the album Nezgodna with 16 new songs. She continued performing concerts, accompanied by a band.
In 2015, she started collaborating with Croatia Records and in 2019 she released a Christmas album with 11 original Christmas songs, called Sretan Božić ljubavi, and announced a new album for 2022.

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